Who am I?

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When I was small child, my dad had the best collection of Mad Magazines. Almost every night he would give me two or three of them and I would sit redrawing the art frame by frame from my favorite artists including Don Martin and Frank Jacobs. That is a bitter sweet memory. I lost my father several years ago in June. I now have that collection of Mad’s. I love reminiscing with them from time to time.

When I wasn’t drawing, I was reading. As a pre-teen, my first motivational mentor introduced me to Zig Ziglar, Cavett Roberts and so many other great minds. My reading pile included Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

My mentor instilled in me the importance of being a lifelong learner and the need for self-education. I continue to read daily. Today, my favorite author’s include, John Maxwell, Jeffrey Gitomer and Tom Peters, to name a few.

A designer in love with all things creative, I have spent my career working in communications and visual arts, including live theatrical experience as an equity stage manage.

While my dream of working with Carol Burnett didn’t pan out, it didn’t stop me from pursuing standup comedy in the 90’s. Standup fanned the flames, it was like a drug and I needed more anyway I could get it! In the late 90’s, I became an equity stage manager in live theatre. Which, is essentially the project manager of a live production. I ran more than 600 successful live performances. It was a blast!

What else? I love sharp cheese, cooking on my green egg, and my dogs that I call “my girls.” I enjoy a di’namic cup of coffee to kick start my day. I blame Olivia Newton-John for my lifelong fascination with Australia. Batman is my hero. The Joker is my favorite villain. I have a collection of fast food toys. I love the ones that make sound the best! The kid in me enjoys Disney and Pixar animation, but the adult in me is in amazed that the average Pixar animation runs 24 frames per second at 4000 pixels wide! Think about it!