Retro: The Sharp Wizard Organizer

Today is Retro Thursday and I decided to do a post on a piece of electronics that the iPhone [smartphone] has replaced. I started my research and stumbled on The Sharp Wizard Organizer from 1989.

sharp-wizard 02

I started digging on YouTube for commercials unfortunately, I couldn’t find one dedicated to just The Sharp Wizard, but I did find this little charmer. The Wizard segment is 18 seconds in:

I also found this video by Chris Pirelli. He did all my heavy lifting for me today. He covers everything there is to know about the device. He doesn’t compare it to a smartphone but after listening to his video, we all know our phones out perform The Wizard. LOL!

Chris is a very funny guy. If you have never watched any of his video’s or you’re not familiar with him, today is your lucky day. You’ll get a blast from the past and a new found treasure in Chris Pirelli. Enjoy!

It’s your turn. What do you think? It had apps and memory and connected to your PC … did you have one? Were you a geek in 1989? Does in make you laugh or bring a smile to your face because of a memory?


It's your turn. What do you think? Add your comments below and let's talk ...