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4 Reasons to Unplug

Ep 12

We have so many things pulling at us on a daily basis for our attention. Ringing smartphones, email notifications, Twitter and Facebook messages, text beeps, and mobile devices that are always on and always beeping with push notifications.

We are connected to so much technology and streaming information in so many different ways, it feels endless. Everyone and everything wants our attention, we’re engaged, in a hurry, multitasking, and living in a blur. We’re being told these devices allow us to get “that much more done” but at the end of the day we feel like we’re getting little to nothing done.

Its time.

We need to ‘unplug’ if we expect to achieve our life’s purpose, our goals, and reach our dreams.

It can be hard staying focus on our dreams, goals and action plans. Putting off instant gratification for long term fulfillment isn’t always easy. I know, Facebook is calling. Trust me, you don’t have to answer.

When I was growing up we didn’t have an answering machines. The phone rang and you had to answer it or hope they called back. If we were having dinner my dad wouldn’t let us answer it. He’d say, “If it’s important, they’ll call back.”

If you’re going to make your dreams come true, you’re going to have to stay focused and committed. Let them call back.

We all need to take time to realign our daily routines and use our energy to focus on whats important and limit it to what’s not.

Tony Robbins has said, “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

Its time to make a commitment to ourselves. 

We all make excuses as to why we haven’t complete a task or reached our goal. Maybe we want to write a book and we “can’t find the time.” Did you know that, eighty percent of the time, finding the time is the excuse.

Here are 3 more ‘did you know’s’:

  • TV viewing eats up over 6 days worth of time per month! Thats approximately 145 hours. What could you accomplish in 145 hours?
  • The American commuter spends between 50 to 100 hours a year stuck in traffic, depending on where they live in the nation … and …
  • Americans spend unto 23 hours per week online and texting.

Just adding the TV time to the online and texting time you gain back 237 hours a month in your schedule! We need to stop telling ourselves, we don’t have time. We’re lying to ourselves and everyone else.

Let’s find away to utilize the time we’ve been given. Use drive time to listen to DVD’s to continue your education. Turn the TV off and invest those hours into writing that book or working on other dreams you have.

Create a habit of only using the Internet for research and limit your time for that. Have a “to-do list” so that you don’t go down rabbit holes.

Realign your TV, drive time and online time into your dreams and goals, create an action plan, brake it into baby steps, and do something everyday!

Can you see your dreams and goal begin to take shape?

Learn to be loyal and committed to yourself! Stop being a zombie to other peoples dreams and goals!

Here are 4 reasons to unplug and take action:

  1. Life is happening right in front of you … Engage!
  2. Unplugging promotes creativity … Build your own dream.
  3. Life is still about person-to-person eye contact … Social Media is not social!
  4. You’ll have more time for your goals and your dreams!

This is how successful people make a difference in their lives. Make a difference in your life. Make it happen today!

Until next time, Live Bold. Be Di’namic!

It’s your turn. What do you think? Can you unplug for the next hour? What about 3 hours? Now unplug for a full day and then for a full week?

Some people like transcripts, some find them to be a waste of time. What do you think? Are transcripts useful, or pointless?

If you would like to continue talking about unplugging, contact me.