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“Where’s The Beef?” Wendy’s Ad

Remember this 1980’s commercial?

Still funny after 31 years.

Wendy’s had one of the best commercials from the 1980’s. This classic commercial kicked of one of their biggest advertising campaign on January 10, 1984. This memorable TV commercial starred character actress Clara Peller, at the age of 81, asking “Where’s The Beef?”

The line instantly became a catchphrase across the United States.

Here is a little “did you know” fact? The original line was, “Where is all the beef?” However, Peller had a breathing problem, so they shortened it. You have to wonder, would the original question have made the same impact?

Sales for Wendy’s rocketed 31 percent in 1985 worldwide. Wendy’s then Senior Vice President for Communications, Denny Lynch, was quoted as saying, ”With Clara we accomplished as much in five weeks as we did in 14½ years.”

The phrase became associated with the 1984 U.S. Presidential election.  Democratic candidate and former Vice President Walter Mondale used it to sum up his arguments against his rival, Senator Gary Hart.

Promotional items were endless, including bumper stickers, frisbees, clothing patches, t-shirts and more. Where’s the Beef even became a Milton Bradley board game.


As popular as the advertising campaign had been, it had a short life and ended in 1985. Peller not understanding her non-compete contract with Wendy’s, signed a contract with the Campbell Soup Company to appear in an advertisement for Prego Pasta Spaghetti Sauce. In the commercial she declares, “I found it! I really found it.” Wendy’s fired Peller. Denny Lynch released the following statement, “Clara can find the beef only in one place, and that is Wendy’s”.

After reaching an all time high with the “Where’s The Beef?” campaign, Wendy’s hit a two year low after dismissing Peller.

Peller died on August 11, 1987, in Chicago, one week after her 85th birthday.


It’s your turn. What do you think? Do you remember the 1980’s commercial? Would the original question have made the same impact? Should Wendy’s have fired Peller?

Footnote: The cover art of the game box was done by none other than Jack Davis of Mad Magazine fame. I grew up on his work! Love it!!



Drawing. Reading. Entertainment.


Well, we’re several Podcasts into the series and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I felt like this was the best way, instead of posting some boring bio. I’m Diane Carter, the creator and designer behind Di’namicDesigns.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with pen and paper. Growing up my dad had a collection of Mad Magazines. He would give me one or two almost every night. I would sit quietly in the corner delighted by the cartoons of Don Martin and Frank Jacobs. Trying to re-draw many of there creations line by line and frame by frame. That collection of Mad Magazines belong to me now, and I love flipping through them from time to time reminiscing.

When I wasn’t drawing, I was reading. At the age of 12, my first mentor introduced me to many great minds through great books. He was a motivational speaker and trainer. He was my first biggest cheerleader. He had me reading Dale Carnegie, Napoleon HillZig Ziglar and others. I attended many motivational seminars because of this man.

Through my mentor, I met Zig Ziglar. I was to young to appreciate it at the time, but it is a fond memory.

And a memory that left a lifetime benchmark with me. I continue my daily pursuit of personal development in many ways, one of which includes reading every morning to get a positive start to my day. Some of my favorite writer’s today include, John Maxwell, Jeffrey Gitomer and Pete Wilson. My reading depends on what’s happening around me, and the projects that I’m working on.

I grew up laughing! Humor played a BIG part in my childhood. My parents were very playful. My dad was always full of himself. His blue eyes were mostly brown!

My sister had friends for dinner once. Dad came through the living room pulling a long strand of toilet paper behind him. Breaking off one square at a time as he walked to the dining room. My sister was horrified and asked, “What are you doing?” He calmly replied, “You forgot to get the napkins today.” We were always laughing.

The television was always tuned to someone funny, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton was my dad’s favorite, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. The Carol Burnett Show was my favorite. Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence – what wasn’t to love about the show? As a child I dreamed of being on The Carol Burnett Show. That didn’t happen … But, I did do a little standup. Most of the audience enjoyed my jokes. Those who didn’t – enjoyed the nap they took during my jokes …

Drawing. Reading. Entertainment. I said, I’m a creative junky, I LOVE all things that inspire and entertain. I’ve been blessed to spend my career working in communication and visual arts. Marketing and sales, from to design to sales training, along with my short brush with entertainment. I don’t feel like I have worked a day in my life. Which is the way it should be when you are passionate about what you are doing. I’ve been blessed, and I’m grateful! 

I’m currently working on several projects for multiple clients. It’s my hope that I’ll soon be working on a project for you.

Until next time … Be Bold. Be Di’namic!