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Challenges are Opportunities


I read a quote from an unknown source this week, “Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character.” 

I love the quote. It made me think … challenges not only build our character, but are often opportunities in disguised.

Challenges present opportunities to discover more about ourselves, and what we’re really made of. They reveal our true desires and passions, and help prioritize our dreams and goals.

Let’s look Steven Spielberg, he was rejected from USC, twice. This is the same man that brought us “Shindler’s List,” “Jaws,” “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park” — He couldn’t get into the film school. Having USC turn him down didn’t destroy his dream. In fact, it might have lit a fire under him.

So it doesn’t matter who you are, from the CEO to a small business entrepreneur, we all face challenges. The real key is how we manage them. 

Stephen King‘s first novel, Carrie, was rejected 30 times. He faced his challenge and today his books have sold almost 400 million copies, many of which have been turned into feature films, miniseries, television shows, and even comic books. He could have quit, and he could still be teaching high school English.

Do we run or do we find the opportunities buried within the challenge? Someone said, “Do you see difficulties in every opportunity or opportunities in every difficulty?”

Challenges are great tests of our determination. They also teach us how to control our emotions. Do we stay calm, positive, relaxed, and in complete control no matter what is happening around us. Or do we freak out!

The more control we have over our emotions the better we’ll be at handling what life hands us. If you take a look around yourself, you’ll notice that hot heads don’t tend to go far. It is the level headed individuals that climb the ladder.

Next time your faced with a challenge here are 3 things to focus on:

  1. Stay calm, positive, relaxed, and in complete control … no freaking out.
  2. Remain committed to your original goal, by asking yourself, “Am I really afraid?”
  3. Ask yourself, “If I don’t finish what I started, will I regret it in the future?”

For whatever reason, most of us see a challenge as a negative thing. Change your perspective and it will change your attitude. Don’t be a victim.

Here are 4 questions to ask to help change your perspective:

  1. What is in my control? What is out of my control?
  2. How can I use this to strengthen me?
  3. Could this actually be a blessing in disguise?
  4. Will any of this matter in 3 years or even 14 months?

I’ll leave you today with three more thoughts on how to build your character:

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Our mother’s taught us this lesson.
  2. Think and act on long term decisions, not short term gratification.
  3. Always let your values guide you to do the right thing, even if no one sees you doing it.

Until next time, Live Bold and Be Di’namic!

It’s your turn. What do you think? How many opportunities have you had recently hidden in challenges? Do you remain calm, positive, and relaxed in the middle of a challenge? Do challenges reveal strengths that you never knew you had?

Some people like transcripts, others find them to be a waste of time. What do you think? Are transcripts useful, or pointless?

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Dream Big. Think Bigger. Take Risk!

No matter what you’re going through, there is a light at the end of your tunnel. Sometimes it’s a train, but more often it’s you’re guiding light showing you the way. Showing you that you’re hard work is paying off and you are coming close to the finish line.

Remain persistent and consistent. Stay positive. Stay focused. Stay on track!

Life is a risky business. Just taking a shower is risky. You could slip and fall and a number things could come from the fall. If you want to be safe don’t get out of bed in the morning. However, if you’re going to live life, you’re going to take risks.

Don’t take your eyes off your goals. You get what you settle for. Don’t settle! We are always dreaming and thinking, you might as well dream big and think BIGGER. Then make plans and take action to make your big dreams happen.

Business can be hard. Some days you don’t feel like you made any difference and other days you know you touched someone. Keep connecting the dots. Keep moving forward. Keep thinking big[ger]. Never listen to anyone tell you that it can’t be done. Life’s to short to think small.

Michael Jordan is a fantastic example of how big thinking and failure leads to success. He missed more than 9000 shots in his career. He lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times he was trusted to take the game winning shot and he missed. He failed over and over and over again. And that is exactly how he succeed.

Taking risks teaches you two things. It teaches you that there will be times that you fail and times you that you will succeed. And it teaches you that both failure and success are equally important. Embrace them both. Learn from them both.

Take a lesson from Michael Jordan, do not fear failure. Everyone fails. It is how you react to it that sets you apart and sets you up for success.

It’s worth repeating … Dream Big. Think Bigger. Take Risk! Be persistent and consistent. Stay positive. Stay focused. Stay on track!

Live Bold. Be Di’namic!

7 Key Traits of an Effective Mentor

We broadcast a Twitter Series every week on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, we invite you to follow us @dinamicdesigns. Every series has a different topic. This week the topic was on the power and influence a good mentor can have over your life and career. This post wraps that topic up.

hand shows success flow chart on his hand

Bob Proctor, author, speaker and success coach said, “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

That’s the fun of working with a mentor, it’s a two-way street. They open our eyes to so many things, teach us lessons we may never learn any other way. They expose us to new ideas through conversations, help us to understand ourselves better, and jumpstart goals and dreams we might have let go.

An effective mentor lives with high levels of integrity and will have a clear set of values in everything they do. This among their other positive traits work hand-in-hand to make them an excellent role model.

Other traits like being an active listener, being proactive not reactive, follow through on commitments or promises, respect, gratitude and self-confidence speaks volumes when it comes to building trust between a mentor and a student.

I read a lot of John Maxwell. In his book, Leadership Gold: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading, he wrote, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

Another dynamic thing about mentors are they are naturally skilled at inspiring and motivating individuals. Here are three possible ways they accomplish this:

  • Because they have higher standards, they push us to accomplish more. To grow beyond our comfort zone. To never settle for mediocrity by providing a strong sense of purpose.
  • They’ve fallen and gotten up hundreds, if not thousands, of times. A brilliant mentor understands both defeat and success. They are not going to let us get discouraged in the face of challenges or failure. They have overcome both and they’re going to make sure we get back up and succeed!
  • A valuable mentor can develop a clear picture of the future, and they have the ability to communicate it passionately while motivating you to achieve it.

Plus a good mentor can show us how to build a learning environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge, experience, and insight. How?

  • Like developing a team, how to hand pick members based on skills rather than ability to perform routine tasks. They understand that creativity is a priority and has massive value within the team.
  • They place such a high value on creativity and actively encourage those they mentor to generate a steady stream of fresh new ideas.
  • They are advocates for perpetual and never ending improvement.
  • A true and dedicated mentor openly passes on their knowledge and experience to those in need helping them to become the next generation of great leaders.

Oprah said in an interview, “For everyone of us that succeeds, it’s because there’s somebody there to show you the way out.”

Find a mentor that can show you the way out, lift you up, has the knowledge, skills and success you desire in life and build a relationship with them.

It’s your turn. What do you think? What outcome do you expect from the mentoring experience? What do you expect from your mentor? Does your mentor get the best out of you?